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Who Are We?

Elite Cyber Plus (ECP) group of companies Is non-governmental, non-partisan, and non-political organization its established to assist for the tracking systems. Elite Cyber Plus GPS Services Company (ECP) team established to solve supply chain logistics problems, help the development and improvement of GPS systems. Our company serves with a professional, young and dynamic working group in its field. Elite Cyber Plus is determined to be a reputable GPS tracking solution provider with its works. Our company, which provides vehicle tracking systems and portable tracking systems services, was established to provide security and financial savings to its customers. Elite Cyber Plus, which is competent in tracking, quickly responds to the needs of its customers and provides technical service.

Why Elite Cyber ​​Plus
Tracking Systems?

Our Values

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We aim to provide professional service to meet the demand of our customers.

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We provide services to solve supply chain logistics problems.

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We develop effective communication for our customers and business partners.


We aim to be among the global leaders in our field while providing vehicle tracking system services that make people's lives easier. While providing GPS system service, we are working for a better and more successful future with our team working with creativity and ambition. We combine the physical world with the digital world for a more comfortable life.

We are taking decisive steps in taking our place among the leading technology providers with innovative approaches. Our main vision is to serve many customers from different parts of the world at the same quality.


In the rapidly developing technology world, our main mission is to provide technological services for the public, private sector and individual users. Our company, which primarily provides vehicle and portable tracking systems services, continues to work to make our customers' lives easier.

Our ability to create a fast and successful work environment contributes to reaching our customers around the world. With its long-term experience, reliable supply chain and use of the latest technological model, it reflects our need for our customers to be one of the best in vehicle tracking system.